About Me

Author: Elmy Biker

Location: UK


Whimsical writings about place and time. Read stories that weave historical narratives and first hand accounts of places throughout the UK and Europe. I am a writer, reader, thinker and artist (you know like, when I get the time). 

Blue midnight forests and garden streams.

Teas and feathers and clothing seams

Red berries and frozen cream, 

with mystery books, ghost stories and open seas that roar.

Gooey hearts and raven caws and all that and more.

Yellow paint and dandelions, violets, diamonds and desire

Dusky sirens, mermaids, pirates, stories as the days retire.

Flecks of iron spark the fire, riding star like, dragon side.

Always hoping, holding hands,

Trip ups,  tip toes on the sand. 

Making bread and simmering softly,

Potions on the boil,

Fury coils, anger tepid, herbs that grow in dusty soil.

And this is me, and me I am, 

and I weave tales of what I see. 

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